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Friday Futuring

Listen. Are you breathing just a little and calling it a life? – Mary Oliver I don’t know about you, but maybe because we are at the onset of a new year, or maybe because I just turned a big … Continue reading

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Current mood

  The color of crushed grapes planted in spring, five years ago. No one remembers the weather when the vines were born and their fruits squeezed into the oak barrels shipped from somewhere in France where I had walked alone … Continue reading

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Wednesday Poem: The Dream

The Dream by DAVID SOLWAY I dreamed that you had ceased to love me— not that you had come from other beds back to mine, or gone from mine to others, just that something in your heart had stopped. I willed … Continue reading

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Rumi for broken hearts and lost souls

Mevlâna Jalâluddîn Rumi translated by Coleman Barks Be Melting Snow Totally conscious, and apropos of nothing, you come to see me. Is someone here? I ask. The moon. The full moon is inside your house. My friends and I go … Continue reading

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This night, this life.

It sounds like a cliche but I blink and the last eighteen years flew out the door. My son is graduating from high school in less than one month. My daughter is three quarters into her Sophomore year in college. … Continue reading

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Friday Poem: You’ve Come Back to Me

BY LAURA KASISCHKE For G A small thing crawling toward me across this dark lawn. Bright eyes the only thing I’m sure I see. You’ve come back to me, haven’t you, my sweet? From long ago, and very far. Through … Continue reading

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save me Friday

save me, I said to the blank pages that remain bare. save me I pleaded to the passersbys who glanced and then went on with their ways. save me I cried until my eyes were dry wells, having allowed the … Continue reading

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The history of 2017

History remembers the biggest thug in this place, the loudest voice he spoke with still ringing in ears where it pierced the drums. All sounds were muted except his voice which raised other voices as they echoed his gesture & … Continue reading

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You’re an Asian

After K. You’re an Asian They won’t come for you Keep your head down Seal your lips shut Move your hands and feet Dig your shovel to plant your feet to pluck the later-fruits to chop it down for the … Continue reading

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Everything is getting through my skin, permeable paper-thin. There are rumors of birds fighting high up in the trees, their chatters louder as I strain to listen. They say, eighty percent of your thoughts today is the same as yesterday. … Continue reading

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