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of leaving

I am not supposed to mourn the loss of you.  There is no place in this culture where a parent is allowed to hold grief for a child’s leaving home: not this burning sorrow marring the skin. They say grow a … Continue reading

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Reading your poem makes me want to read another poem about another room where i wandered from corner to corner then onto the next floor of this house some rich man gave to another rich man who then cried, Nothing … Continue reading

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parenting aftermath

They leave and I stop baking  cupcakes cookies shortbread brownies muffins pancakes pies after pies: apple pumpkin blueberry summer tarts sweet breads with whipped butter. The trays stay clean crumb-less kitchen table hums a sorrow song  through its grains of … Continue reading

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Monday Mourning

Some people left quietly into the night with soft footsteps tender closing of eyes as if decades of their breath & width on this earth did not matter. No sirens stopped at their doorstep No gates flung open with a … Continue reading

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Reframe: one more tool for your tool kit

“Of course I wake up finally thinking, how wonderful to be who I am, made out of earth and water, my own thoughts, my own fingerprints– all that glorious, temporary stuff.” – Mary Oliver (ON MEDITATING, SORT OF) Hello world. … Continue reading

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Current mood

  The color of crushed grapes planted in spring, five years ago. No one remembers the weather when the vines were born and their fruits squeezed into the oak barrels shipped from somewhere in France where I had walked alone … Continue reading

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Fifty and I

Fifty and I am trapped in this life I’d cultivated. Careful, if you’re not so careful years add to fifty and still feel chained to the ground wings clipped by own teeth, shearing one feather at a time until bones … Continue reading

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Wednesday Poem: The Dream

The Dream by DAVID SOLWAY I dreamed that you had ceased to love me— not that you had come from other beds back to mine, or gone from mine to others, just that something in your heart had stopped. I willed … Continue reading

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Rumi for broken hearts and lost souls

Mevlâna Jalâluddîn Rumi translated by Coleman Barks Be Melting Snow Totally conscious, and apropos of nothing, you come to see me. Is someone here? I ask. The moon. The full moon is inside your house. My friends and I go … Continue reading

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This night, this life.

It sounds like a cliche but I blink and the last eighteen years flew out the door. My son is graduating from high school in less than one month. My daughter is three quarters into her Sophomore year in college. … Continue reading

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