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Fifty and I

Fifty and I am trapped in this life I’d cultivated. Careful, if you’re not so careful years add to fifty and still feel chained to the ground wings clipped by own teeth, shearing one feather at a time until bones … Continue reading

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I wish I had let myself be happier. – The Top Five Regrets of The Dying. I’ve never felt so alone, which by the way, is utterly a false belief. Perhaps that’s what the thought of having an empty nest … Continue reading

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Try saying Yes.

Try saying yes to things even if they are hard, especially if they tear you like you’re a piece of  paper, hurt you so much that your vision blurs. Try saying yes to a difficult day when doors are being … Continue reading

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That was only four years ago, a brief span of time in a lifetime. Looking at her now, she looked so young. I didn’t know it then, of what I know now. That I looked so young, enough to pass … Continue reading

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Miracles/aliens/angels/science on this day in 2011:

miracles/aliens/angels/science March 11, 2011 at 8:14am We were excited to see it. It was my son who pointed it out to me as we drove onto the highway from the hospital plaza where the kids just had their dental cleaning. … Continue reading

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Friday forgiven

When I speak passionately, that’s when I’m least to be trusted. – Louis Gluck   Today I need to practice the mantra “Forgiven, forgiven” heard in one of the talks of Tara Brach. Now is the opportunity to  be “let … Continue reading

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Poem for the week: Impossible Friendships

Every time I read Adam Zagajewski’s poems, I get a little closer to understanding this world. Found at Poetry Foundation Impossible Friendships BY ADAM ZAGAJEWSKI TRANSLATED BY CLARE CAVANAGH For example, with someone who no longer is, who exists only … Continue reading

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It’s the hole, stupid. The black hole of something, the dark show of nothing. The place where nothing grows, but something slithers, simmers, fizzes in the corner. It’s the middle, stupid. The beginning was spectacular, who else came into this … Continue reading

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  It’s Mother’s Day here in the U.S, and I am wishing myself, “Happy Mother’s Day.” That is probably because no one in the house said anything to me about being a mother, or how wonderful and essential I am … Continue reading

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What I’ve learned

Love is senseless. It’s a feeling of wanting to possess, even when there is nothing worthwhile to possess. This world is made of people who care and who don’t care. People who care about others are at the risk of … Continue reading

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