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I’ve been thinking a lot about perspectives lately maybe because my son has just graduated from High School and would soon be leaving home. With this leaving, for the first time in the last twenty years, I would be completely … Continue reading

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Miracles/aliens/angels/science on this day in 2011:

miracles/aliens/angels/science March 11, 2011 at 8:14am We were excited to see it. It was my son who pointed it out to me as we drove onto the highway from the hospital plaza where the kids just had their dental cleaning. … Continue reading

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sentimental Saturday

Some days you’re a puddle of memories, your heart is a tender fabric worn threadbare by time.  I am missing my daughter. I am missing her childhood that had passed by too quickly. I am supposed to walk around finding … Continue reading

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The best way out

The best way out is always through. Robert Frost Sometimes I feel like I’m just holding a spot for someone else to show up and take the place. Like I am a stand in before the real show begins. This … Continue reading

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What drives you?

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nitimur in vetitum

We strive for the forbidden. I call it darkness. The Buddhists name it Mara. The devil. The inherent faultiness. The treacherous nature since the first human. The serpent in our spines, the demon in minds. I hoard it, hide it, … Continue reading

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Death and dying Thursday

I am trying to find a song from all this. The tidbits of news on NPR said a town is under siege in Syria. Somewhere a house is in mourning. Somewhere a baby peeks through his mother’s womb and wails … Continue reading

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