Try saying Yes.

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Try saying yes to things even if they are hard, especially if they tear you like you’re a piece of  paper, hurt you so much that your vision blurs. Try saying yes to a difficult day when doors are being slammed in your face and no amount of combination keys will crack open a way. Try saying yes to the pain in your ankles when you walk and run; it’s a sign that you’ve been trying to go somewhere.

Try saying yes to the block-jammed traffic, where cars stalled, tempers flooded the roads, everyone out to get everyone else, and you curse at a stranger because it’s easier to “Fuck you” than to solve your real problems elsewhere.

Try saying yes to your fear of missing out, your fear of not being enough, your fear of your old friend Insecurity, for they too want a hug, a place to be held, where they are not judged, but accepted tenderly.

Try saying yes to a lot of things that never make you happy although at a glance they seem like the answers you’ve always sought. Trying saying yes because you’ve tried a thousand No’s, and No’s never lead you anywhere. Try saying yes when you are alone and you think this loneliness will become you. Try saying yes when you are happy, for the wrong reasons or you think they are the wrong reasons.

Try saying yes to all the No! people have shoved in your face, stuck on your back, slapped on your cheeks. When they do it again, you say, Yes, Yes, Yes. Failure is an option to learn something new. Try it. Try saying a lot of yes, because you want to and not because you ought to or you need to.

Try saying yes to a day that never rises to expectation, but does not fall flat either. It’s just a day, like any old day, where you wake up breathing and go to bed breathing. This world, this reality, this truth, they are your Yes.

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