Letter to my son


Tharlay Alex,

Most of our moments together in the past eighteen years were colored with my fears –for your safety, for your future, for your life, and with my worries about how I am not delivering the goods a normal perfect mother delivers to a good son like you. Deep under all of this murkiness of my anxieties is my unconditional love for you.

Love is my only gift as you go out into the world on your own in the very near future. Love is the only thing that makes sense in this world. Always remember to love yourself, like I love you.

Continue to hold onto your tenderness, your warm heart full of kindness and empathy.  This world you are about to enter is full of predictable surprises. There will be challenges for sure; hardships, heartbreaks and setbacks, but there will also be unbelievable moments of wonders and beauty, sweetness of success and contentment for things small and big.  Sometimes, life plays out exactly as you imagine it. But most of the times, life takes you to a path that you had not known to plan or even imagine the possibility of existence. Those paths may bring you to your knees at times but most of the times, they make you feel like you are the most blessed person in the world.

My advice to you is to live in the present. Set intentions of your day. Be mindful when fear is speaking to you, (recognize it like how you would recognize your mother’s voice), and respond instead of react. (Do the opposite of what I have done.)

Remember, your mother believes in you, your goodness, your intelligence, your determination and your creativity. This world is about to experience a little more magic and wonder because of you.

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