Everything is not –

St. Louis, November 2016

Everything is not politics, they say
Like breathing & eating, cooking & dancing,
singing & crying loud in the streets.
Everything is not politics, I repeat.
Like rounding up the small & the powerless,
building tall walls & filling the house with rabid wolves.
Everything is not politics
Like closing the heart like a tight fist.
Like punching a guy for wearing a strange hat,
Like throwing word-daggers to see what do most damage:
crooked, bitch, Muslims, rapists, murderers, terrorists.

Is everything not politics?

All the mantras I repeat:
Everything is not politics.
You do not hate me
for wearing the wrong skin;
Everything will be fine
in a manner of speaking;
Setbacks are launch pads;
After a hard winter-kill
the leaves always come back
green, bold and vibrant.

Is the tree listening?

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