report from the cozy chapter of October

It hurt last night to see you
stroll out in your best sport jacket
a glass of whiskey in one hand, a cigar in another
as if you were Don Draper out to conquer the world
where women poured you drinks, and sat on bar stools
their thighs rubbing against yours, their lips red from
smiling at your sky jokes. There is no No Smoking sign
in this crowd. Everyone inhales everyone’s smoke.
The black moon rises in your eyes taking in the view
of the ladies drunk with purposes. My worth lies
in your ashtray. Your 3 am drunk texts.
Not okay, I screamed into my phone to no one.
You did  not get up from wherever you were.
I am not worthy of your love. My house is shaking
at 5 am from the rats scratching. You don’t know
who I am. I am the girl who paid her last dollar
to the wrong medicine man. There are no known cures.
Your skin glistens at 3 am in the morning,
my best worst gifts are lost on you.

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