A susurration of rain hurried
the ants to form a single line and march into a suitcase
packed to travel light. Another morning
endured the heat & humidity of this place,
a moldy towel that refused to be dry.
Vivisection of the stomach would later reveal last night’s dinner –
fish skin, berries for dessert, a wafer of green tea flavored
KitKat bought from an airport in Japan, goat milk from the market
that had gone a bit sour, bits of beef partially chewed & juices sucked,
salted pork leaned undigested against the inside lining of the gut.
For now, she prepared for her journey.
Dressed like a goddess in gold strappy sandals.
Clutching her red Hermes bag, she cried
into her suitcase full of ants.
Who wouldn’t want to go to Scandinavia?
Who wouldn’t want to hold the tiny horseshoe
fitted for a little Dala horse? Who wouldn’t want to brush
against the cheekbones of Nordic men?
She shook the suitcase like a hawk to a snake,
opened the lid in the white sun,
hoping to burn holes into these ants.


I am participating in Leah’s Winter 2016 Scavenger Hunt Writing so that I would be more committed to writing daily. This is prompt number ten: vivisection, ants, Scandinavia, horseshoe, susurration.

Check out Leah’s Scavenger Hunting 2016 here:

(10 down, 60 prompts to go!).

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