The Wolf

Astronaut Chris Hadfield snapped this photo of a full moon on Jan. 30, 2013

Snow on the roofs of the cars
streets unplowed for days
and I am busy massaging my face
tracing the lines on my forehead
making little circles
clockwise counter-clockwise until my fingers
grow tired of erasing the earth years.
Tonight, the moon rises at sunset
and sets at sunrise. The only day in the whole month
the moon roams all night sharing the stage
with winter planets and constellations.
Now I sit down to eat steak; forks next to the knives
napkin folded on my knees, wine in my glass
a toast to the guests, for being born human — “I am grateful for ….”
Outside, the Wolf Moon howls  achingly
at The Hunter and The Bears.
We chew the meat, spit out the gristle,
admire the prodigal son, trapped in his mother’s gaze
circling until our last days.



I am participating in Leah’s Winter 2016 Scavenger Hunt Writing so that I would be more committed to writing daily. This is prompt number five: winter planets and constellations.

Check out Leah’s Scavenger Hunting 2016 here:

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2 Responses to The Wolf

  1. this is sad, inspiring, and lovely all rolled together

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