Hope Your Year Ended Better


When I say, Have a great New Year, I mean
I want to run to you tonight.
When I say, Thank you for everything, I mean
The sky is going dark.
When I say, You’ve given me so much, I mean
I want to take more from your palm.

You say you have a vat to reach the bottom of.
You say you will find everything you want & need.
You say you had a great week.
You say everything’s got an ending.
You say Cheers to last year. Cheers to my desires.
Cheers to everyone kissing the end of the year.

When I say, I don’t thank you enough, I mean
Please, baby, please, let me crawl on my knees. Let them tear and bleed.

When I say, Great! Have a fun night,
I mean, I’ve missed you so much.
Please darling,
let me see your eyes staring into mine.

You say you have everything you need.
You say you have the night at your feet.
You say there’re always worse things.
You say …

I say, please.


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