What I’ve learned


Love is senseless. It’s a feeling of wanting to possess, even when there is nothing worthwhile to possess.

This world is made of people who care and who don’t care. People who care about others are at the risk of being hurt by those who do not care about others. Most of us will fall in both camps at one point or another throughout our lives.

It is entirely possible to numb your feelings to a point that you become a spectator of your own life. We numb using so many things – sex, gossip, booze, exercise. My top choice of numbing is mindless mining of social media.

Empathy is a learned practice but you have to practice every day or you would lose it.

Respect is looking at another and seeing as an equal, deserving of the same things you think you deserve.

I remember staying up late on Saturday nights listening to radio plays on my aunt’s bed while my cousins slept next to me. Those nights, I would be the only one still awake. I’ve always been the only one who remain awake while the night drags on. To this day, this has not changed.

What I learned lately is that unlike me, most people do not have fictionalized conversations running through their heads throughout the day and night.

A friend is someone who walks with you when no one else would.

Ideally, the person who fucks you loves you the way you need to be loved and vice versa.

My kids have taught me how it is to feel joy at the sight and sound of someone walking into the room.

The best teacher is rejection. You learn so much about yourself when you are rejected. First, you have to deal with shock, then grief, then anger and finally, rationalization. A year later, you would look at the sequence of events and you thank the person who rejected you. It was the best thing that ever happened, the best lesson learned.

What you want most is what you should not have.

The best things are things that happen to you when you aren’t seeking.

No is necessary for your ego. It keeps you in check from being full of yourself.

No one is always good or bad but most of us have inclinations to be one or the other. Some people are inherently good, and some aren’t.  For me, to be a good human on any given day is like walking a tightrope. Unless I pay attention, I fall off on most days.


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