Love is a tall skinny girl and a loud little boy

Mommy, look at me, they have said
taking their first stab
at every challenge this world gives them.
Look at me, Mommy.
Look. At. Me.

Their breaths hot on my cheeks,
their hands circling my neck
fingers in the fold of my shirt
they shouted:
Look at me, Mommy.

Look how high I can jump,
did you see it?
How fast I can pedal,
did you catch that?
How loud I can sing!
How fast I am spinning!
Stop singing, Mommy,
it’s my turn.

Hold onto my hands
but let me go when I tell you, okay?
Watch me, Mommy. Watch me.

The hole in my chest is expanding.
For eighteen years they keep filling it with sand and air.

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