Transitions and transformations, changes and detours, shifts and metamorphosis.  Nothing is constant. Call it magic, call it life, call it inevitability, call it growth, challenges, opportunities, or setbacks. All this inconstant mode of life, is something that happens. From birth to death, we are changing. Our paths are changing  all the time. Life never stops until you stop breathing. Even then, you are changed into compost or dust or earth or particles to be deposited, incorporated into part of the collectives of this Universe. We never stop.

Get used to this. Keep dignity and grace even in the face of disgrace. Keep saying, “It’s been a pleasure being here/working with you/working for you/having you as my friend, my lover, my partner, my casual acquaintance, my whatever.

It’s been a pleasure having lived this life. Even when there is pain, emptiness, momentary dissatisfaction of whatever funk you are in, it’s been a pleasure having experienced, having learned or unlearned.

It’s been a pleasure.

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