Wasn’t strong enough        resistance is futile      Captain Picard

      Your house is filled with paper        words mean meaningless when you don’t

listen to your liver      is transplant-able     grafted   and watch it grow       like hot air balloon

       Release into air      sky   is such a cliche      Is that all you’ve got    is air & ex  pounded

chest stuffed with declarations     30 days challenge!       couch2 5K!    nine-steps and poof!


           you  made it.    Stardate 20014072000:00:00:00      We see no sign of intelligence.


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4 Responses to Captainslog:

  1. theinfiniterally says:

    I am mightily grooving on this. That ain’t no borg-s***.

  2. kaylar says:

    captain’s log. the Muse is real. 🙂

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