Ode to Mom



What is Mom to you?

Mom to me means love, fierceness, determination, the grounding force to this world, the anchor that holds my feet when I sway with the wind, and the wind that lifts me up when I need to fly. The force unavoidable, the laugh contagious, the cool hand on my hot fevered forehead. Mom is chicken soup no one makes for me anymore. Mom is the muscles that push me beyond the threshold I stop myself. Mom is the face who yells at me when I make her anxious. Mom is the voice, the only voice that tells me I am loved, loved, loved. Unconditionally, eternally loved.

Mom is the heaviness in my chest. Mom is the summation of all my dread. Mom is the ground I walk on, the greenness in my garden, the pink hydrangea blooming in my hair. Mom is the tigress who growls. The cat who claws and meows. Mom is the eighty year old woman, falling asleep alone in her bed made with toughness and no regrets.

Mom is bold and relentless. My ultimate safety net. A tigress in her den. I the cub who rebels because I know she’ll always have my back.

Mom is my face,
my voice,
my anxiety, my strength, my bricks and stones, my guilt in bones, my pride, my future and past, my I-can-do-anything-I-want-to.              my queen, my servant, my love.

It’s been months since I last called Mom.

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