Tell me who else could have told this story?

I want to go back to last week when we didn’t know how a heart is capable of breaking over and over again. Images
reversed and replayed in slow motion

He was here. Then he is not.
They were children. Then they are no longer. The world was intact. Then
the sky tumbles down, crushing the earth. Pulling us under its weight.

There was sun and then it is no more.
He was here and now he is gone.
Flew away into the atmosphere, little
lone bird that he is.

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3 Responses to Sentimental

  1. liliesofsnow says:

    Ok, you’ve tagged this as creative writing so I’m going to assume that is what it is, but wow you had me worried about you for a minute there! This piece captures something so painful.

  2. I like the poem, but more importantly I have been waiting forever for you to get back! How was the trip? How’s the family?

  3. anvilsandedelweiss says:

    yeah, what Cara said. Hope everything is okay, despite the writing being creative. And how was the trip? etc

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