Letter to self

I wrote this on the last days of December but I want to fill this page today with the same words because reminders are like slippery blocks of jello on polished silver; they keep wanting to get away from my seeking fingers.

Dear me,

Life is what it is right in front of you. Do what you can, while you can, when you can. There is no second chance. If you’re lucky, you are given a new chance for a later time, but by then, old things are gone, and new things are here. Treasure every pain-free breath you could take. It’s a matter time when you would stop walking on this earth. Most of all, be kind, be kind, be kind, be kind, be kind. Find that hard-to-find kinder self buried inside of you. Hold you tongue, open your heart, let the light in the midst of the darkest days. You see your family alive, well, happy, together today. Hold that picture in your head. Don’t let it shift out of the frame. Nothing lasts forever. Behind every smile, stands the potential for pain. Hold the smile in your head until you are not you anymore, your head is not your head but a piece of calcified bones cradling the emptiness.  If you are the cremating kind, hold this thought until you are not you here anymore, but ashes to the wind, finally settling down on earth to mingle with the soil where you were born from.

See the unseen things which stand very real before your eyes. There are people ahead of you, crowded in the stations of life, shuffling their steps or bouncing with joy. There are people behind you, bewildered, grief-stricken or indifferent to the pain of this world. For a moment, we shine in the spotlight on the stage, even if this stage is set only in our minds and this spotlight only seen by ourselves and not others. We dance our numbers and we move away. Don’t hesitate to make room for another performer. Take a bow to the audience, whether they clap or not. We are here today. We will be gone tomorrow, as sure as the day fades into night and the night blossoms back into day again. Make our presence counts even if the counting is done by our own fingers.

Be kind. Be forgiving of your own mistakes, because you only have one life to live and you have to live it on your own. No point in cringing with shame on the errors of your life. Acknowledge your mistakes so they will not be repeated. But go on, take a step, sure and confident. You only have this path in front of you, and no other path to take.


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