Mission Possible


365 ways of kindness. It is your mission if you choose to accept.

It could be as small as returning a phone call, a smile to a stranger, holding the door open in the elevator when you are already ten minutes late to a meeting, letting someone cut in the hour long line ahead you in the post office, holding your tongue when all you want to do is lash out, letting someone have the last word, giving a compliment, recognizing mundane or extraordinary hard work, giving love, receiving love, overlooking flaws, seeing the beauty in the most barren days.

If you are one of those blessed ones who have  been taking part in this mission, I’d say cheers to you, and please carry on. If you are like me who gets wrapped up in the daily grind and would often forget what this world is all about, a little reminder makes a universe of difference.

This is my mission for the next 365 days. I chose to accept one kindness mission per day.


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2 Responses to Mission Possible

  1. sounds like a wonderful mission. i accept. i hope you give timely reminders. 🙂

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