The day of ashes


Hearts are made to be broken
love is born to be split at seams.
A mother’s pain, an aunt’s tears,
a brother’s scream, a sister’s devastation,
a grandmother’s memory, a cousin’s
kneeling by Buddha’s feet. Love splits at seams
bursting with that blinding glow of light
bathing your spirit. ah-mhya, ah-mhya,
, the shouts by your family, who
share their merits so you can carry to
wherever you are going. Take them as spares
to be used as needed. Say, thar du,
thar du, thar du, sail with the words

till you arrive where you
need to be. Till you drop anchor and land

where you are supposed to be. Go with peace, child.
Go with peace. There’s never been so much
love, as this love for you from your family
pouring across the sea.

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