every moment

-For Bo Pi who left too soon. 

Every moment blurs between
the lines. In the end you stay
a child in my eyes, all the way–

to the end; yours and mine. Tomorrow
tears will dry but we’ll continue to cry
between the worlds, yours and mine.

There is nothing I fear more
than the words: Rest
in peace. I die in bits when
you die in whole. Are you? Are you

Gone? Today, I shuffle along
cradling the hollow hole inside my body

when they tell you
to rest in peace as you lie still
and listen to the wind.


I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it.
In saying so many times, lips parting,
closing, tongue twirling, jaws clenching, eyes blinking, staring, seeing
unseeing, your body limp, then rigid, to go soft as a naiad
returning to the sea.
I begin to believe.

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