New poem out in an anthology

One of my poems appears in The Spirit of Poe Anthology, out today on amazon. I am happy to be a part of this collaborative work of many poets and authors who came together to honor the one and only Edgar Allan Poe.

The link of the book is HERE.  




The description taken from the page is as below.

“From childhood’s hour…” that phrase, to Poe fans, finishes itself: “I have not been as others were.” Who was that man? Who was that the poet who had not been as others were? So much has been fabricated about Poe’s life, and remains a mystery. We have little to go by: no diaries, no notebooks, only a few daguerreotypes, and his letters, so carefully re-edited by Burton Pollin and Jeffrey Savoye. But we do have something else: his home in Baltimore at 203 (3) Amity Street. This collection, introduced by Dr. Barbara Cantalupo, offers a range of stories from dark to light, from playful to pensive, and from hopeful to horrific, a breadth of themes befitting the man best known for his pioneering work to literature in ways unmatched by any since. The Spirit of Poe, edited by WJ Rosser and Karen Rigley, includes two of the Master’s works, along with dozens of stories and poems from new and established authors. All profits from its sale will be donated to the Poe House.

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